Top 7+ Best Ceiling Fans in India in 2021


Do you want to buy a ceiling fan? And are you willing to know which are the best ceiling fans in India? Then you are in the right place. Here you will find a list of the top 8 best ceiling fans in India in 2021. 

Along with the list of best ceiling fan in India, we have discussed a ceiling fan’s buying guide and frequently asked questions. This will help you to select the best ceiling fan for your home.

Best Ceiling Fans in India

1. Atomberg Efficio Ceiling Fan 

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The Atomberg Efficio fan is one of the most efficient and popular ceiling fans, and it is ideal for the dining room, living room, and bedroom. And also, the fan has some excellent features, which we have described below.

Best Ceiling Fans in India


  • Super energy efficient BLDC motor
  • Inverter stabilization technology
  • Smart remote control

Manufacturer Warranty: Two years warranty on the product and one year extended warranty on registration.

BLDC motor: The Atomberg efficio ceiling fan comes with BLDC (brushless direct current) technology, which is extremely energy efficient and will consume lower electricity. Though it is direct current technology-based but it will run with a regular AC supply.

Inverter stabilization technique: Voltage fluctuation and voltage sag is a common thing. In the case of voltage fluctuation, the ceiling fan will run at its average speed, and it can also tolerate high voltage fluctuations. So, you do not need to install an extra voltage stabilizer.

Smart remote: You can operate the fan using a remote. There are lots of options available, like boost mode, sleep mode, sleep control, and timer mode.

The fan will run 3 times longer on the inverter battery as compared to other fans because this fan consumes low power while it is running.

Here we have shown the black model, but there is a total of 4 colors available for this fan black, ivory, matte brown, and white. You can select any of these 4 colours.

  • Highly energy efficient
  • No voltage stabilizer required
  • Smart remote control feature also available
  • Can be an issue if the remote batteries channel out

2. Crompton Uranus Ceiling Fan

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If you are finding a ceiling fan with a great look and an excellent cooling performance, the Crompton Uranus ceiling fan can fulfill your requirement. The fan comes with a royal look with a decorative lampshade and 4 blades. And not only just look, but the fan also has a great cooling performance.

Best Ceiling fan in India


  • Double ball bearings with 100% copper motor
  • 4 blades with decorative lampshades
  • Maximum speed is 320 RPM with air delivery 200 CMM

Manufacturer Warranty: You will get two years of warranty on this fan.

Magnificent Carvings: The decorative Crompton Uranus ceiling fan gives a royal look, and it will surely enhance the beauty and the appearance of your home because of 4 blades and decorative lampshades.

Performance: The fan has a sweep size of 1200 mm, and it will rotate at 320 RPM (revolution per minute), which ensures great air delivery. The air delivery rate is 200 CMM (cubic meter per minute), which is excellent. So, apart from looks, you will also get outstanding cooling performance.

Built quality: The fan motor is constructed with 100% copper material with double ball bearings. The blades are dynamically balanced, ensuring excellent durability and a longer life span of the appliance.

Convenient speed and light control: There are cords attached to the fan. You can pull the respective cord to turn on and turn off the lights and control the motor’s speed.

  • Fabulous appearance with decorative lampshades
  • Efficient motor
  • Longer lifespan of the appliance
  • Little bit costly

3. Atomberg Renesa Ceiling Fan

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The Atomberg Renesa ceiling fan has similar features like the Atomberg efficio model. Still, there is a difference in the look, and the renesa model has some extra features of LED indicators. The tomberg renesa ceiling fan has a fabulous appearance that is this fan is famous in the Indian market.

Atomberg Renesa Ceiling Fan


  • Super energy efficient BLDC motor
  • Inverter stabilization technology
  • Smart remote control
  • LED indicator for speed

Manufacturer Warranty: Two years warranty on the product and one year extended warranty on registration.

BLDC technology: The BLDC technology (brushless direct current technology) used in this ceiling fan is super energy efficient and will consume less electricity. It will consume only 28 Watts while running at its full speed. And also, it will save up to 1500 rupees per year on your electricity bill.

Rust proof body: The fan is crafted with a metallic coating that is entirely rust proof and dust resistant.

Inverter stabilization technology: The speed of the will not vary in case of voltage fluctuations. It will maintain a constant speed. So, you do not need to purchase a voltage stabilizer for the ceiling fan.

LED indication for speed: There are LEDs on the fan which will indicate the speed. Also, you can use the LED as a night lamp.

Smart remote: The speed controlling becomes more comfortable using the remote technology. You do not need to use regulators. There are different features like speed control, timer mode, boost, and sleep mode.

This fan is a high speed fan. The speed is higher than the average fan. It also consumes lower electricity, that is why it can run three times longer on an inverter battery than the ordinary fans.

Two colours are available for this fan, one is earth brown, and another is pearl white. You can select between the two, which you like the most.

  • Low power consumption
  • Runs three times longer on inverter battery
  • LED lights are speed indicator also it can used as night lamps
  • No such cons found

4. Orient Electric Aeroslim Premium Ceiling Fan

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The orient electric aeroslim is one of India’s best ceiling fans because of the great appearance, outstanding cooling performance with smooth and uniform airflow, super silent operation, and some delightful features.

Apart from that, it will save electricity. The good aspects of a ceiling fan you will find in this model.

Orient Electric Aeroslim Ceiling Fan


  • Super-efficient inverter motor, aeroslim fan
  • Mobile app and remote operated fan
  • Maximum speed 310 RPM and air delivery 240 CMM

Manufacturer Warranty: You will get two years of warranty on this fan.

Energy efficiency: The orient electric aeroslim fan is expertly designed to save up to 40% electricity due to its inverter technology and also its power factor near about 0.98, which is incredible. The fan has outstanding energy efficiency.

Specifications: The sweep size is 1200 mm, power consumption is 45 watts. The fan has the highest speed of 310 RPM and an air delivery rate of 240 CMM. While consuming less electricity, the fan will provide excellent cooling performance.

Smart features: The intelligent features of the fan are turbo mode, sleep mode, breeze mode, fan scheduling, reverse rotation, and fan time. It can be operated using the remote and mobile app. Also, it is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

The appliance is crafted with high grade compounded polymers, which ensures outstanding durability, and it has a super silent operation with smooth and uniform airflow.

The blades are aerodynamically designed to provide high thrust and better cooling performance.

  • 40% energy saving due to inverter technology
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa
  • Noise free operation
  • Expensive

5. Havells Leganza Ceiling Fan

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Havells Leganza ceiling fan comes with four blades and dual colour tone with eye-catchy exotic blade trims. This dual colour tone enhances the look, and apart from looks, the air quality is also excellent, that is why this ceiling fan is trendy.

Havells Leganza Ceiling Fan


  • Number of blades: 4
  • 1200 mm or 48 inches sweep size
  • Maximum speed 350 RPM, Power consumption 72 watts

Manufacturer Warranty: Havells offers two years of warranty on the product.

Ingenuous blade design: This ceiling fan has a total of 4 blades, and the blades are very unique and aerodynamically designed so that the air is uniformly distributed throughout the room and provide you comfort. The size of each blade is 48 inches (1200 mm).

Air delivery: The fan’s air delivery rate is 230 CMM, which is ideal for 65 square feet to 100 square feet of room. The air delivery is excellent and uniformly distributed throughout the room, which ensures great cooling performance.

Rotation: The maximum speed of the ceiling fan is 350 RPM (revolutions per minute), which is more than sufficient to provide adequate airflow.

Design and look: The dual tone colour scheme combination of pearl, white-silver, and bronze-gold gives an aesthetic look, and it will surely enhance the appearance of your room. And the exotic blade trims are one of the eye-catchy features of the ceiling fan.

  • Excellent cooling performance
  • Outstanding colour combination, fabulous appearance
  • Ideal for small and large size rooms
  • No such cons

6. Crompton Aura Prime Ceiling Fan 

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Crompton Aura prime comes with an innovative anti-dust technology that resists 50% dust than other fans. Other than that, the ceiling fan provides great cooling performance.

Crompton Aura Prime Ceiling Fan


  • 100% copper motor with double ball bearings
  • Anti-dust technology
  • Maximum speed 380 RPM and air delivery 230 CMM

Manufacturer Warranty: You will get two years of warranty on the product.

Anti-dust technology: The fan is very easy to clean because of the anti-dust technology. It will resist 50% dust as compared to other ordinary ceiling fans, so the cleaning process becomes more manageable. And also, it ensures the long life of the appliance.

Specification: The sweep size is 1200 mm, the maximum speed of the fan is 380 RPM, the Air delivery rate is 230 CMM, and it will consume 74 watts.

Structure: The ceiling fan is built with an aluminum body, corrosion-resistant and completely rust-proof, and ensures high durability. The windings are made with 100% copper with double ball bearings, which provides a longer life span. Also, the two-piece construction ensures a stable and silent operation while the fan is running.

  • Easy to clean because of anti-dust technology
  • High speed fan
  • Longer lifespan
  • No such cons

7. Luminous Dhoom Ceiling Fan

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If you are finding a ceiling fan in affordable price, then you may like the Luminous Dhoom ceiling fan because the fan has good performance with an excellent look, and the price is also affordable.

Luminous Dhoom Ceiling Fan


  • High-grade aluminium material body
  • Power consumption 70 watts
  • Air delivery rate 220 CMM

Manufacturer Warranty: Luminous offers two years of warranty on manufacturing defects for the product.

Design: The fan is crafted with a high-grade aluminum motor body, which is non-corrosive and rust-proof. And for windings, the electrolytic copper material is used, which ensures longer life of the appliance.

The operating voltage of the fan is 220v to 240v, and the power consumption is 70 watts.

The high speed motor provides 220 CMM uniform air delivery throughout the room, and the maximum speed of the fan is 380 RPM. The sweep size is 1200 mm, which is suitable for 140 square feet room.

The fan has a great look with decent cooling performance. The best thing about this fan is that it is quite affordable, and it is suitable for a medium-sized room. Also, the fan has great reviews and ratings on Amazon.

  • Rust-proof outer body ensures longer lifespan
  • Excellent air delivery 220 CMM
  • Energy efficient motor
  • Decent performance

8. Crompton Hill Briz Ceiling Fan 

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The most affordable fan in this list of the top 8 best ceiling fans in India is Crompton Hill Briz. This ceiling fan is for those whose budget is low, and they are finding a decent performance ceiling fan.

Crompton Hill Briz Ceiling Fan


  • Sweep size 1200 mm
  • Double ball bearing motor
  • Power input 75 watts

Manufacturer Warranty: You will get two years of warranty on the product.

The outer body is crafted with aluminum material, which is completely rust proof. The motor comes with a double ball bearing and is made with copper winding. These attributes ensure the longer lifespan of the ceiling fan.

The sweep size is 1200 mm, the maximum speed is 370 rpm, and the fan’s power input is 75 watts.

  • Non-corrosive outer body
  • Most affordable and low price ceiling fan
  • High speed performance
  • Decent performance

Buying Guide:

Sweep size vs. Room size:

Sweep size is nothing but the diameter of the circle covered by the ceiling fan. Generally, sweep length is proportional to the room size, which means if you have a small room, then less sweep size is required, and similarly, if you have a large room, you need a fan with a larger sweep size.

Here is a table is given by which you can decide which sweep size is suitable for your room.

Room square feet = Length of the room (feet) * Breadth of the room (feet)

(‘*’ sign denote multiplication)

The most common sweep size is 1200 mm or 48 inches because this ceiling fan is ideal for almost every different size of rooms. If you have a small space, then you can buy a 1200 mm sweep size fan because it will provide better performance than the lower sweep size fan.

So, you can decide as per the table given. But remember, 1200 mm sweep size is the best sweep size. You can blindly purchase this one because it will provide excellent performance. That is why the 1200 mm sweep size is extremely popular.

The number of fan blades:

The three blades ceiling fan is the most common type, most popular, and provides great performance. In three blades fan, the blades are symmetrically placed, and the angle between them is 120 degrees.

The four blades ceiling fan is a new technology, and it also provides excellent performance. People buy four blades ceiling fan because of the different look, and three blades ceiling fan is extremely common. That is why recently, four blades fans are becoming famous.

In the market, five blades ceiling fans also available, but the air circulation will reduce because of the high number of blades.

You can buy three blades of four blades ceiling fan. But remember, three blades have better air circulation than the four blades. So, it is better to purchase a three blades fan.

Blade tilt/pitch:

To provide thrust and air circulation, the blades are tilted by some angle. If blades are horizontally placed (0 degrees, flat placement), then there will not be any air thrust and air circulation.

That is why the blades are tilted by some angle. The ideal pitch is 12 to 15 degrees. At this angle, the fan will provide maximum thrust and air circulation.

The motor of the fan:

Almost all fan comes with a single-phase induction motor with two capacitors. One capacitor is known as the starting capacitor, which will help to start the fan motor. The other capacitor, known as the running capacitor, will improve the power factor, thus reducing the electricity bill.

The single phase induction motor is efficient for ceiling fans. That is why it is mostly used.

But nowadays, in some ceiling fan, the BLDC motor is used. The BLDC motor is modern technology, and it is extremely energy efficient. It consumes less electricity than the single phase induction motor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best ceiling fan brands in India?

There are lots of popular and best ceiling fan brands in India like Atomberg, Crompton, Havells, Orient, Luminous, etc. These brands provide highly efficient, durable, and long-lasting ceiling fans. That is why these brands are famous.

Other brands are also good, and you can buy different brand’s ceiling fan also. Before buying, check all the features, efficiency, and durability of the ceiling fan.

Is a regulator necessary for the ceiling fan?

To control the speed of the fan, you must need a regulator. Otherwise, the fan will always rotate at its maximum speed, which is not desirable. If you don’t have a regulator, then you must contact an electrician and make sure to install the regulator with the ceiling fan.

Final Words:

You have seen the list of top 8 Best Ceiling Fans in India along with a buying guide and frequently asked questions. These ceiling fans are the most efficient, extremely famous, and long lasting ceiling fans. Also, these fans have outstanding reviews and ratings on Amazon.

Hope that you have liked this list of best ceiling fan in India in 2021. If you liked this, then don’t forget to share this article on the best ceiling fan in India because it will help others to select the best ceiling fan in India.

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